• The organisation is registered, and is compliant with the relevant regulations as defined in a number of state and federal regulations. There are a number of quality frameworks that the organisation is required to comply with. The service is dedicated to the provision of the finest care for its service users and quality of training and outcomes for students.

  • This will be achieved through the integration of efficient administrative practices with first class standards of training and care. Accordingly, the service has been established with a quality orientated approach to the business, and a high degree of quality awareness is developed through all levels of staff through appropriate training and leadership of management.

  • The Directors, Management, Contractors and staff are jointly responsible for the quality of training, service and care through constant review of standards and internal procedures. To reinforce this, it is the policy of the management that organisation shall, as applicable to the business, comply with the requirements of a Quality Standard as either required or chosen by the board.

  • This policy is communicated to all staff at the Induction Training stage, and is published on our website for the benefit of staff, clients and visitors alike.

  • Continuous improvement helps to ensure supports and services provided are always the best possible for clients. Part of quality management, continuous improvement involves:

  • listening to clients and valuing their feedback

  • understanding what we are doing well

  • identifying where improvements are needed

  • taking action in order to best meet the needs of clients.

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