IDEAS Programme 

The IDEAS programme coordinator will discuss, explore and document your aims and desires for your life at an informal meeting or at a facilitated planning workshop with the relevant stake holders invited by you or your family .


You choose to decide the level of responsibility you want in your delivery of your support.....and you can change your decision if your circumstances change.


This will be documented in an agreement that outlines the roles and reponsibilities of the person or family directing supports and the IDEAS Self Directed Services. The level of support ranges from the lowest level where IDEAS only holds the funds for you, to a maximum level where IDEAS coordinates the full range of support and services required that will meet the goals in your support plan.


Your plan might include: therapy, specialised equipment, community activities, employment of your own workers, a range of service providers, and mainstream services.


In this way your plan and agreement is unique, individual and catered to your needs, choices and hopes for your life.


An agreement between you and Ablecare must be in accordance with the funding body requirements of the state gorvernment..  


If you choose to engage your own staff this must be in accordance with Australian Fairwork and Industrial Relations Laws.

What is Self Directed Support?

Self-Directed support allows you to decide and direct your own servies to meet your own individual needs. It gives you flexibility and control to use your funding allocated to you from the Department of Communities - Disability Servicesmay go through an approved Host Provider who recieves, holds and allocates funds in line with the unique support plan you develop. 

What is IDEAS 

If you or your family member has

  • Private funding

  • Insurance Scheme Funding

  • An individual funding package through the Department of Communities - Disability Services/NDIS can access the IDEAS programme.


Self Directed Services

Who can use the IDEAS Programme 

Ablecare provides a range of services: therapy, shared and individual accommodation, in home care, respite and family support. Ablecare also provides opportunities for individuals to access day activities and friendship/ community based programmes, centre-based services, social support programs, supported accommodation, and supported employment activities.



Why Choose Ablecare ?

  • In 2016 we will have been supporting people with disabilities and their families across Queensland for over 20 years..

  • We listen........................... to you and your needs and be directed by your choices

  • We a flexible and responsive way.

  •  We believe in a wholistic allied health approach to care and education..