Frequently Asked Questions


We hope you find this additional information about our services helpful. If you can't find the information that your looking for here, please give us a call on FREECALL 1300 147 583 or Brisbane (07) 3112 4032 and discuss the options you are looking for with us ! We are here to help !

Who we Support
  • People with a disability who are also in need.

  • Babies, Children and Families

  • Teenagers &  Youth (13 - 35 yrs)

  • Adults (19 - 65yrs)

  • Older Adults (Over 65 yrs )

Choices and Options

Do you need more information about ?

  • Individual Support and Therapy

  • Group Support and Therapy

  • Links to 24/7 Shared Accommodation 

  • Plan Management

Links to Accommodation Support

You are able to contact us directly to discuss your support needs. Eligibility criteria does apply to some specific services and funding programmes.